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Client Monitoring & Management

  • SEO Stats Monitoring
  • Link & Anchor Reports
  • Google & Bing Index Status
  • Robot Access
  • Order Builder & Reports

Handle client management with ease. Monitor your linking patterns, their SEO stats and easily build their orders each month. Export order details and full network reports.

Network Management

Manage & Monitor Multiple Networks

Set-up multiple sub networks in your account, allow your clients to post on your selected sub networks only.

Case Study

How To Automate a $500K a Year Client SEO Business Using ExecPBN

Posting System

Complete post and posting management from central controls. Build orders for clients and have the system automatically place links into the content following your anchor orders. The system will automatically add images and videos from your custom build library or they can uploaded at the time posting. Later you can edit, delete, or reassign your previous posts.


Auto Post to WordPress & Popular CMS’s

No plugins required. Post to Drupal & Web 2.0 Properties

Auto Link placement for finished content

The system will embed links for you from your keyword specification.

Auto Image & Video posting

Automatically add images and videos from your custom build library straight into posts.

Control link velocity with scheduled publishing dates

Set articles to publish weeks and months ahead to keep linking patterns natural.

Order Builder

Plan multiple posts and links for clients in a single order.

Edit, Draft & Delete posts centrally

Complete central control of all your posts and links.
  • Internal writer’s queue & submission system
  • Outsource to popular text broker services with one click
  • Upload custom image & video for each post or build a client library and auto post
  • Maintain site’s that look professional and native to human review

Content Creation & Native Blog Maintenance

Manually submit and post content within the system or set-up writers accounts who can view your internal job queue and submit their own work. Alternatively you can set-up external accounts and tap into API’s of popular content services to have your posts and orders instantly outsourced.

Network Pattern Monitoring

  • IP Range Breakdown
  • Data Center Detection
  • Whois Detection
  • NameServer Similarities

Stop creating footprints across your network with our pattern detectors. Have the release of knowing you’re doing everything you can to stop algorithmic and manual reviews of your network, and ultimately prevent losing sites to deindexing and penalties for client sites. We give you a full overview of the IP ranges you’re currently using, along with importing in-depth stats of the datacenter they are located within. We also have a similar system for Whois details and the name server domain popularity on your network.

Network Monitoring

Website Uptime      SEO Stats      Robot Access      Index Checker / Deindex Alerts

Monitor and make sure your network is privacy secure 24/7. We’ll track the SEO stats of your sites and make sure unwanted robots can’t access them. All while we also keep an eye on the index status of each domain in Google & Bing.

Control & Protection for Everything


Maintain a full backup of all content

Our spiders collect all your content centrally, so you have your hard work centrally backed up in text form. Old content can also be redistributed to new homes if you need to retire a domain.
Host Manager

Secure and convenient host details manager

Stop fighting a losing battle on your expanding network and keep track of your hosting account details with our secure account details manager.
Daily Email Alerts

Get key updates on your network daily

Get daily updates emails including details of any site and post issues your networks have had in the past 24 hours, deindex alerts, and order completion stats and monitoring.

No Trace

No plugins, all systems run through XML-RPC and our indexing bots.

The system was developed over a number of years of trial and error to ensure we leave no trace across your network while we post and monitor it. We don’t rely on plugins that need updating constantly, nor do we use forceful and potentially unsecure backdoor methods. Just the natural built in software to software communication system built into all popular CMS’s.

Manage Your Team

  • Set-up user accounts for your admin & writing staff
  • Each has restricted access to only the systems they need
  • Outsource & Delegate with peace of mind

Set-up user accounts for your staff, writers and contractors. Several levels of permission mean you can delegate in confidence, freeing you up to grow your business.

Stay Always Safe

Exclusive Mastermind & Forum

  • Exclusive Collaboration Forum
  • Monthly Mastermind

Talk and collaborate with our forum and monthly mastermind group calls. Get real feedback and collaboration with real PBN professionals like yourself.

Awesome Customer Support & Easy To Use

  • Ramp On team for new clients
  • Outstanding support
  • Bite-size video tutorials for every feature
  • Awesome UX design
  • Free dedicated account manager after 500 sites

Passionate support, there every step of the way and when you need it most. We’ve purposely made every feature as user friendly as possible, making set-up and everyday use a breeze.

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