Welcome to the most common questions we’ve received.

If you have a burning question about ExecPBN that we haven’t covered here, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to hear from you!

General Questions

How does it work without a plugin?

We have a network of spiders that scan, record and monitor your sites. For posting we take advantage of built-in XMLrpc protocols for posting on popular Content Management Systems like WordPress.

Do you host PBN sites?

No your network sites remain where they are.

Do you create new PBN sites?

No the platform is for managing and monitoring sites that already exist. You can add new sites that you create at any time.

Does ExecPBN create, spin or scrape content for me?

No, the system only posts what you or your team of writers submit into the system. Alternativly we can order, fetch and post high quality content from some popular copy services for you.

Does ExecPBN create links for me?

We only insert links into the articles you submit for us to post to your network. No spammy tier building network killing services offered.

Is my data safe?

Our whole business model involves keeping you private and therefore successful. We take security extremely serious and all sensitive data is encrypted.

Sales Questions

Is the waiting list just for scarcity? Please, we’re all marketers here…

No there is a genuine waiting list. We’re building a sustainable long term platform, and as such we only plan to limit access to make sure our systems and processes are solid before we scale. We’re not a fly-by-night operation undertaking a hyped churn & burn launch. We’ve invested significant time and money into the cloud based version and want to build a long-term relationship with clients like you.

Is there any obligation to buy if I join the waiting list?

No, none whatsoever.

Is ExecPBN for new PBN owners?

No. Although ExecPBN can assist you with building the right type of network, we want to provide massive value to our clients. When you’re getting started, and often have time on your side, some ExecPBN features can be replicated by a human at a small scale. We would prefer to consume our free content, build a strong business and then leverage our platform to take you to the next level.

I’m an affiliate marketer who owns a PBN, is ExecPBN right for me too?

Yes, the principles are exactly the same as those who own expanding SEO agencies. Your money sites are technically ‘clients’ of your network too. Those sites are your own children, so you’ll probably appreciate all the features and reporting more!

I don’t agree that Google looks for patterns in {insert publically available site/domain data here}

No one outside of Google is aware of its capabilities in terms of how it establishes unnatural linking patterns algorithmically or when a site is passed to a human for manual review. Human review doesn’t just mean accessing your sites by its visual design and content. It can also means having talented engineers access the backlink profile of a client site and run SQL queries on the data they have for that backlink profile. This is where they can manually find patterns that might not be considered a priority to hard program into its main algorithm.

What we as SEOs can aim to do is cover all the bases and make sure we don’t let any detail go unchecked. It’s tough out there, but Google only has access to the same data we technically do. We can leverage our own data to find the same potential patterns they are looking for and avoid all of them.

Getting Started

How long does it take to get started?

It depends on the size of your network. Once you’ve created your account and uploaded a simple CSV file with your network details, then the system gets to work. Once it has finished scanning your PBN and collecting all the data, we’ll instantly start to monitor and find patterns. All you have to do after is let us know which of the domains we find as outbound URL’s on your network are actual clients. This then instantly sets up all of your clients within the system too.

The next process, should you wish to take full advantage of the posting system, is to let us know which post categories from your blog belong to which main categories topic. This means the system will be able to identify if you already have an appropriate post category on the blog before deciding if it should set one up for you.

Don’t worry if any of that sounds confusing, we have easy to digest tutorial videos and live skype support to our ramp on team should you need it.

What happens if some of my sites are down when I upload my network?

We have a handy section that lets you know which sites we had trouble accessing during our initial scan. Once you’ve fixed the site(s) or added the details we needed, you simply ask the system to try again.


Which types of payment do you accept?

We allow subscriptions from debit & credit cards.

How long is the contract?

Monthly and you can cancel at any time.

How does the cloud subscription cost work?

You pay per site for each URL on your network. You’re charged a month upfront for your peak usage in the previous month. You can increase the size of your plan by up to 10% monthly manually, however if you need to grow more rapidly please get in contact and we can work something out. Likewise, any decrease in plan size will not take effect until to the following month.

For example:

Open account billing: 200 site plan

1st month peak usage: 210 Sites

1st full months billing: 210 Sites

2nd Months Peak usage: 225 Sites

2nd months billing: 225 Sites

Self Hosted Solution

Who is your self-hosted solution aimed at?

Currently, all our clients are self-hosted. It’s for those running very large networks who wish to keep all data and reporting in house. It’s also can be utilized as an API to interface with their own ordering and billing systems. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this option.

Affiliate Program

Do you have an Affiliate program?

Not currently but we are planning to build in a referral reward system for our clients. As explained in a previous question, we want the platform to be as sustainable as possible. Due to the nature of PBN and grey/blackhat SEO industry in general, it’s important for us to carefully control how the system is marketed and therefore the clients we attract.

Having access to a potential audience you feel is a perfect fit for ExecPBN and our ethos?