New Webinar Replay: How to Operate a Million Dollar PBN

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Last week we finally revealed ExecPBN publicly to an exclusive set of waiting list members during an hour long Google hangouts session. In an information packed and fun webinar, high on value and low on pitch, we gave them a tour around the software that’s generated our founder over $5 Million worth of affiliate commissions in the past 6 years.

ExecPBN is the result of an estimated $500K – $600K of investment in PBN’s, including domains, content and investment in software. During the video we took them behind the scene of part of our network, including a near full demo of ExecPBN.

Now we’re making the replay available exclusively to all mailing list subscribers.

What You Will learn:

  • The software system behind the success of a multi-million dollar affiliate business and many others.
  • How to manage and monitor a 1000+ blog network with ease, in the cloud and without any plugins.
  • How to secure more revenue and reduce cost from your PBN.
  • The biggest threat to your PBN in 2017 and beyond.
  • Why Google isn’t some mind reading super being that they’re made out to be in the SEO community.
  • The 15 patterns Google uses to deindex your PBN and penalize your client sites.
  • Why poor content automation and your hosting is killing your link power.
  • How to make your blogs look like they were hand crafted with only 20% effort.


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