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If you don’t know about the awesome content process automation ExecPBN can provide your PBN operation, you’re missing out. Our post tools help do the heavy lifting in creating and publishing high quality content. We handle task management, resource (blog) assignment, team assignment and submission, links and media embeds and the actual posting itself. Not to mention backing up and analyzing the existing content on your network to provide you with enterprise link analysis and intelligence. We can even outsource your content order straight out to, and back from, your Text Broker account.

As the number of users on ExecPBN has grown we’ve gathered a great deal of feedback and ideas on how you guys like to operate your team management when it comes to content. A number of our users place different levels of trust on content creation and submission within their teams. Being able to just setup writer accounts and allow those users to work through your post queue unmonitored wasn’t practical in some situations. Also, some of you had different pre-publishing needs.

The result of this feedback is our new ‘Editorial Approval’ feature. You can select this option during your content orders. It makes all articles submitted by your writer require that an admin sign off the content before being published.

All work submitted during an order will be moved to your ‘approval required’ queue. Much like the standard admin submit, you can now edit, send back to the writer with revisions notes, modify the keyword requirements or add/change the image or video embeds. You can even save your work and come back to it later. Just press approve and the post will get published right on your network.

This solves several potential process issues and creates a number of new opportunities within your ExecPBN workflow:

Content Vetting & Revisions: New or less skillful writer’s work can be cover read, edited and sent back for revisions with notes. This will then reappear in the writer’s queue for them to edit further, before being sent back for approval.

Save & Continue: Allows the writer and admins to make edits and saves changes before submitting the post.

Media Control: Some of you wanted to vet what had been selected or have an admin decide what media would be used on each article. This was over trusting the writer to use the right one one, or having picked at random from your client media library. This feature now allows for that level of management control.

Linking/Anchor Control: Some wanted a real high level of control of what anchors the system placed for you. Some just wanted to change or edit the keyword based on what piece of content had been produced. Others want to use advanced techniques like picking out contextual long tail keywords near/in the same sentence as your target keywords. Although the writer will still be required to include your initial keyword selection, with a click of a button you can edit your requirements quickly and efficiently to your own style.

TextBroker Users: We’re still a little way off from integrating this features fully with the TextBroker API. Eventually you will be able to utilize your option for 3 revisions with your outsourced writer, rather than having to accept the first submission.

For now, our TB users are no longer dependent on the client media library automation for relevant media and videos. This can be placed before publishing, along with all the potential pre publishing abilities mentioned above.

We’ve never been ones for cutting corners when it comes to creating PBN content, so we’ve always built the software around taking the heavy lifting and organizational issues away from the process. This all aids help you maximize the link value from your PBN to your client or affiliate sites. These changes are a step further in allowing you to tweak the levels of automation and human control you want in your operations at different stages of the process.

As our client base tend to have establish processes in place, we’re always pleased to make the software more compatible with different needs.


Quick User Guide

To use this feature, simply select the ‘require editorial approval’ check box at the start of a new order. Orders and posts will be added to your writer’s post queue as normal. When they submit the post, instead of being sent to your network for publishing, their work will be moved to your ‘Approval Queue’ in the post queue section of your ExePBN menu.  

From this queue you can edit the content before approval or request a revision with notes. The approval button sends the content off to be published. Revisions get added to a special queue, which is made prominent in the writers dashboard. They can then send it back for as many rounds of edits as you need.
If you need to call the post back to your approval queue, if the writer is ill or unable to finish the revision, you can move the post back by selecting this options from the main post queue.

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