New ExecPBN Intro Package For Ambitious PBN Owners

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ExecPBN fans, we’re happy to announce a new introduction package aimed at fresh or growing PBN owners. We’re offering you the opportunity to use our network manager tool, link reporting and access to our new PBN & SEO community ‘The Boardroom’. Not only that, we’ll give a free pattern snapshot credit every 4 months you remain a member.

For the majority of smaller owners like you, a full ExecPBN account is often overkill and an unnecessary expense when you’re bootstrapping your first PBN. If you’re able to stay organized and are not yet overwhelmed by your PBN, that extra $199 a month on your bottom line is significant.

We’ve politely turned away some great, ambitious people, like you, who were precisely in this situation. Their intentions were good by looking to build their systems and processes early. However, we felt that their resources would have been better spent on buying stronger domains, making better money sites or marketing to gain higher paying clients.

After many discussions between our team how we could help serve you, without diverting funds from your growing operation, we decided we could help you in three distinct ways.

1# Help PBN owners get a taste of what powerful automation system can do for their business.

We want to help everyone get rid of those horrible post and link planning spreadsheets forever.

By opening up our Network Manager tool, we can provide you with an automatically compiled database with all your post, link and anchors details across your network.

Any new posts and links added or edited manually will update in the system for you. You’d also be able to plan better, viewing which posts and links a client’s or your money site already has.

Not only does this eliminate the need for planning spreadsheets, but you can make quicker and better decisions about where place your posts and links on your PBN. You’ll create better links while saving the stress and time of having to keep a messy spreadsheet updated and accurate.

You’ll have access to unlimited client and network blog profiles, our link report tool and daily indexing of your post entries and links.
These processes will give you a compelling taste of how automation can make PBN ownership much smoother, helping you identify opportunities as you grow.

2# Let you know you’re on the right path with your network.

Everyone needs a little reassurance. Especially when you’re new to PBN ownership or perhaps don’t have the time to keep up with every industry evolution.

That’s why we’re providing snapshot access to PBN pattern detection tools every 4 months. Think of it almost like a consultancy check up to make sure you’re building your PBN without patterns and with the right fundamental.

You can use this credit it anytime to look at your whois and hosting patterns. You also get a report from our more advance health tools, like our index, robot & malware checkers. Once the system has finished, you’ll be able to view this information, right in your ExecPBN dashboard, both raw and in report form, for as long as you need it.

You can use this information to correct any link privacy issues, potential pattern banana skins or hosting issues you have on your network.

You can also use this information to make better decisions about how you expand your PBN moving forward.

All these benefits will allow you to make your network operation tighter, and therefore more powerful, both now and moving forward.

One snapshot credit allows you one scan of your network from our:

Robot Access Checker – Make sure you’re keeping out Majestic, Ahref, SemRush, and Moz from indexing your links. Make sure you’re not preventing Google & Bing for accessing your network too!
Index Checker – Index check all your network sites.
IP Neighbors monitor – Analyse your host IP’s and see who you’re sharing with, the results may shock you!
Malware status scan – Make sure you’re virus/scam free according to Google.
Network IP, Hosting and Whois patterns checker – We show you what patterns you’re creating between your network sites


3# Access to our new community – The Boardroom.

The Boardroom (Exec stands for executive if you didn’t know!) is our new community forum. By subscribing to our expert package, you’ll gain exclusive access.

We’ll be sharing our latest resource lists, research and also be answering the deeper questions about PBN’s, SEO and making money online. Eventually, we’ll be providing PBN tutorials and process sheets to make running your PBN even slicker.

You’ll also be able to connect with other owners. While Facebook groups are great for bringing together a community, they’re a nightmare for keeping track of interesting and essential threads that could take your business to the next level.

We want to be your ultimate resource for running your PBN for knowledge, automation, and mindset.

Although, we have an ulterior motive. One of our big hopes for ExecPBN was to build one of the most advanced SEO communities in the world. Although we’ve had some success connecting with other large network owners like ourselves, we’ve had limited success building the size of community needed to realize this goal.

By opening up the system to more ambitious owners like you, we’re able to start connecting more people and make progress towards our goal.

However, the most significant benefit to us personally is that by getting closer to the next generation of superstar SEO’s, and discovering what your needs are, we’ll be able to serve you better. Ultimately, we’ll know what we need to do to help you build on your success, and eventually become full ExecPBN Premium clients.

Getting Started

Initial spaces for this package are limited, and we’re rewarding early action takers like you with a  with a free instant snapshot credit.

You have nothing to lose. We offer a no questions asked 30 Days money back guarantee. If it’s not for you, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

So let’s get you signed up today and welcomed into the next stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

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