How to Manage The Content Process on Your PBN Like a Boss

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If you’re running a PBN at a high level you’ll appreciate that after sourcing good domains, content can be the biggest drag on your operation. Ordering, posting and managing content is one of the biggest time and cost overheads of running a PBN.


Just consider the process required to get a number of posts on your blog for a client site.

# Establishing your targets – Which keywords are you going to target or need maintaining. Establishing and reacting based on what links you’ve placed before.

# Forming your content needs – What the articles are going to be about and what links they’re going to contain.

# Article allocation – Deciding which blogs they should appear on. They obviously shouldn’t have a link on there already.  You might need them to have a certain level of power, you might wish to avoid similar client sites on your network.

# Ordering content – Assigning work to your chosen writer or contacting your writing service. You have to provide order details, including what you want the articles to be about and your anchor text requirements. With an in-house or subcontracted copywriter you also have to prioritize and monitor their work load.

# Receiving content – Checking it’s been completed, downloading the word file, checking it contains the right content and anchors you requested.

# Assigning it to someone to handle – To have them upload it for you, if you don’t do it yourself.

# Adding and recording links – Adding the actual html links into the content. Having a system for recording what is where.

# Finding pictures and videos – Making the post media rich with relevant (and royalty free) pictures and videos. Embedding them into the content correctly.

# Controlling link velocity – Deciding on publishing date, trying to space things out and yet look random at the same time.


That’s not to mention having all this in place and being able to repeat it!

# Having a system – Having an established and reliable system in place to deliver all this in a repeatable process that you have documented and can use time and time again.

# Managing content turnover – If you’re operating at a high level, monitoring your blogs for content freshness and looking maintained is also a big priority.   


Poor Automation isn’t the answer

Sadly, there is always a tendency in the internet marketing world to offer a push button solution to any problem. Without mentioning any by name, the web is awash with solutions that promise the ultimate automated solution to your PBN content needs. However, poor automation is never the answer for a number of reason.


Spinning or scraping content: This isn’t a durable or long term solution for your PBN. Low quality content is likely to be hit by panda, never indexed, or at least seriously devalued. This will often leave the links you place in this content having little to no power. Likewise, during a human scan by a rival or Google’s webspam team during a manual review, you’re very likely to get a spam report or penalty. What you save on content costs you can quickly lose in your domain investment, time and energy.

Poor match with root blog topic: This issue occurs with both scraping and bulk order content around a single subject. Blending your written content to your domain’s original topic is vital to maintain strong links and avoid algorithmic penalties. Very few automated systems will even be able to consider this.

Categories get out of control: These automated system usually created 10’s of unrelated or similar category bases on your blog. These look out of place and make most domains look like a cheap PBN from a mile off.

Hard to vet scraped media: Tools which bulk scrape images and video embeds can be an awesome time savers. The only issue is keyword based tools are not always a perfect match for our content. Image relevancy can be sketchy at best. You also have to consider the rights management of scraped photos. It’s never good for your health when you get a $5,000 demand from Getty images because your scrapper grabbed a heavily copyrighted image that you’ve never actually viewed with your own eyes!


Automate with the human touch?

What if we stop thinking of a press button solution and think of automation in terms of managing a clear system and helping do the heavy lifting and batching during a human lead process? Could we get 80/90% of the human quality with just 20% of the effort? That sounds like a good return on investment to me.

So how did go about tackling the content issue and baking this intelligent automation into ExecPBN?


Ordering System

We always process our client’s needs month by month. At the beginning of each new period we decide what keywords we are targeting. By using the system to scan our existing network, we started recording and building in reporting functions for what links we had already placed. This included the URL and anchor of each one. This allows us to match up our own data with ranking reports and our overall targeting plan to develop what we would aim for with that month’s links.

However you formulate your linking plan, our client reports and link intelligence can help you make quicker and better decisions when it comes to formulating your orders.

You can then take this information and quickly build an order within ExecPBN. You tell the system which client it will be linking to, how many articles you require and who you would like to complete the content (more on this in a bit).

Then you can create link details, telling the system the URL and keyword you need. Then we have a drag and drop interface to move the links into which articles you want. You’re then able to tell the system how you wish each article to be handled, including category details and the post date (including an auto setting to space out the dates). Additionally, we set if it should use the client’s library of photos and videos. Finally, if we would like the system to assign a network domain for it to post on. You can even leave instructions for the writer should we have any particular requirements.

When completed, the system would have put together detailed order requirements for you in just a few minutes. Now the system knows about the order, it can begin to work through the process, in turn allowing us to track its progress along the way.


Blog Assignment

Normally you would now scan a spreadsheet of your network and try to fit the client’s articles on to new domains. If you choose auto-assign during your order set-up, ExecPBN does this step for you.

What makes it even better is that we can set-up simple rules so we always know it’ll find the right blog for us. It works down a neat set of steps for you:

1st Rule Filter – By Network: By default, a Client can post on any of your networks. However, you can set allow rules as to which of your networks they can post to in their profile. If this is set the system will obviously ignore blogs on a network the client can’t post to during auto-assignment.

2nd Rule Filter – Already has links: It disregards blogs in which the client already has links placed on it.

3rd Rule Filter – Is the blog indexed: It must be indexed by Google to be considered for selection. Handy for avoiding any that may still be set to live in their profiles.

4th Rule Filter – Related Clients: You can relate client’s sites together so the system will make sure that they will not share links from the same blog together. You may wish to keep clients separated for a number of reasons. Mostly you may find that sometimes client link profiles become too similar. This may associate their backlink profiles too close, creating trouble for the other if one client comes under investigation.

5th Rule Filter – Client MozRank Selection Criteria: Changeable in the client’s profile settings, you can set a minimum and maximum range of MozRank a blog must fall between to be considered for the client in question.

6th Rule Filter – Blog Selection Criteria: In your account preferences under post settings you can then select how the system prioritizes which order it will select the blog for your post. Currently you can use 3 options:

  • Max Available MozRank: The blog remaining with the highest root MozRank score gets chosen first.
  • Largest Days since last post: Finds the blog with the longest period since it was last updated. Helpful for making sure content turnover and freshness stays high on larger networks.
  • Min number of posts: Finds the blog with the least number of existing posts on it.

If the system follows all the rules and is unable to find any suitable blogs, your post will be moved to the Post Issues screen. This will allow you to manually assign it to a blog. This is where your posts also go if you selected manual assignment during the order process.

All you do is simply select the article you need to assign and then filter through your network to find the ideal blog. Even the manual assignment in the system is 10x faster than using a spreadsheet.


Writer’s Queue

When you’ve finished making your order and they’ve been assigned to blogs, they get added to your writer’s queue. From the writer’s queue the order details for each article is available ready for the copywriter to complete.

You can set up writer accounts for your contractors. This will allow them to access your writer pool of outstanding work. You can even assign work to individual writers during the initial order process or even reassign it from your writer’s pool.

We even allow you to outsource work directly to! That’s right, we can send, receive and post your content with a touch of a button. All you need is a funded account and we, and the world’s biggest pool of professional writers, do the rest.


Order Details

We build the order details for you, so your contractor or outsource partner can quickly get started on a great relevant piece of content for your network.

We allow you to send order messages that appear in the details of your article order. You can also set a default writer’s description for each of your network domains, about their original topic. This allows them to match up the client sites topic, with the theme of your domain. Thus freeing them to create relevant articles for your clients which don’t look out of place on your PBN domains.

For example, a domain which used to be a Spanish travel blog gets assigned an article about vaping. The writer would be able to write a post about buying a vaping device while travelling around Spain, thus staying relevant to both.

We also let them know your anchor text requirements and you can set a minimum word count. The system will not let your writer submit a finished article until they have included these anchors and the articles are long enough.


Adding Relevant Media

You have two options for creating media rich posts quickly with ExecPBN. You can either have your writers upload a picture and details of a video embed when they submit their work.

Alternatively, you have an option to build a ‘Media Library’ for each of your client sites. This allows you mass upload images that will be selected for that client during the posting process. You can also upload a list of YouTube or Vimeo URL’s and the system will pick one to add to your content.

This not only allows you to save time and energy by frontloading the work, you can curate your own high quality relevant image and videos to use on your PBN once and forget about it.


Category System

One of the biggest challenges of automation is not letting the categories on your PBN get out of control. That’s why we group the current categories out there on your PBN into similar posts topics. You can also create new ones you’d like to use directly from the system. This means the system will check before posting your content to see if a similar category already exists, before creating a new one. This keeps your blogs as clean as possible and avoiding looking spammy.


Automatic Posting & Publishing

Once the system has collected your content, it will place the links for you around your chosen anchors and add in the image (or posts it as a feature image in WordPress) and video. It’ll then post it directly to your CMS (WordPress, Drupal or Tumblr) into a relevant category with your predefined publishing date.

Although this might seem like a long process, the only thing you actually did in the whole course was decided what links your client site actually needed! Pretty cool huh? You have a solid system in place that is easy to use, manage and stay organized with.

Not quite a push button service, but stress free, high quality human finish for 20% of the effort and time cost!


Our posting system is one of 40 powerful cloud based PBN tools available to you on ExecPBN. Start your 15 day free trial today and take your PBN management and power to the next level.

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