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Today we’ll take a look at how to setup your TextBroker API settings and order content straight on to your network from your ExecPBN dashboard. You’ll learn how you can get cost effective, high quality content, with a link already placed for you, in a matter of a few clicks.


ExecPBN = Easy Content Management

If you’re unfamiliar with our posting system at ExecPBN, we allow you take complete control of the content process on your private blog network. The system takes your content order and link requirements, assigns the content to your blogs automatically based on rules (manual assignment available) and then add them into a process queue.

You can either submit the content yourself, or set up a writer’s account for a team member or contractor to get your requirements and submit the work themselves.

Once your content is submitted, we insert links, relevant images and video from your library and then post them directly onto your blog. It makes managing content on your network a breeze. Depending on your preferences, you can set up automation that makes content on your network available within clicks, or have a highly personalized process, extremely streamlined.

The system takes away the administrative headache and costs to make your whole operation more efficient. Not only that, it helps you create the type of content that will maximize your links, ensuring your client sites receive the highest possible ranking and traffic boost from them.


Single Point of Failure?

However, what happens if you don’t have a writer or your current contractor lets you down? It can slow your operation down badly if you have to find someone new and trustworthy to handle your content. Likewise, if you utilize a service like TextBroker for your network outside of ExecPBN, you still have to manually prepare your order and add the content onto your network.

That’s why we’ve added full TextBroker integration into our existing subscription package. This means you can utilize the manpower of the largest pool of writers in the world and treat them as your own team writers in your ExecPBN account.


Getting Started

All you need to get started is a funded TextBroker account, and some API details from your dashboard.

To get started, log into your TextBroker account, head to the menu, hover over ‘Order Administration’ and click ‘API’. You can setup multiple API connections from a single account and control your fund management in different ways. You will need to create a new budget to obtain an API key.

Follow the form to create a new budget. We suggest creating a unique password for this process, different from your main accounts on TextBroker and ExecPBN.  You can set a budget type, if you want to keep an eye or limit the spending on your account. More details of this are available on TB’s website, but most of you will choose ‘Unlimited’. As you have to manually fund your account, it is almost impossible to spend more than you realized or budgeted for within in the system.  Ignore the ‘Advanced Options’ (CallbackURL / Test mode / Activate budget) and press ‘Create New Budget’.

From the newly created budget you can see a grey box called ‘Budget log-in information’. You’ll need to transfer this information into your ExecPBN account.

Log into your Exec

PBN dashboard and head to preference in the menu. From there you will see a TextBroker option. Here you will paste in your newly created TextBroker budget key and your TextBroker budget password. You can also set your account level preferences on your standard orders. This includes your word count preference and author quality.

Remember author quality dictates the price you will pay per word with TextBroker. More information on pricing levels is available at:

Ordering Content

Once you’re setup, simply Choose ‘TextBroker’ from your Writer Service options next time you create an order from your dashboard.

We use a standard order message when sending your content orders to Textbroker. As default we send 4 pieces of information that you can set with ExecPBN, 3 of which you will be familiar with during the normal ordering process.

Post Title / Post Subjects allows you to provide the fine detail on each individual article, if required.

Order message is a general intruction you provide about all articles within your order. This might be your style outline or keyword density requirements (We still send your anchor requirements and these get passed as SEO keywords in your standard TextBroker order, so they will be validated at TextBroker too before the final article is accepted).

Blog description is the overview or original topic of the domain on which the content will be published on. If set, this helps the writer understand the contextualization and relevancy to both the blog and your client you are linking to in your article, improving and maximizing the link quality from the article.

The standard order template we use to communicate with TB’s writers is listed below.

### Order Details (Instructions Below) ###

Post Title:

Post Subject:

Order Message:

Blog Description:

### Instructions ###

This order is for SEO purposes. Although you should try to base your article mostly around the ‘Post Title’ &’ Post Subject’, if provided, you should try to combine it with the ‘Blog Description’. This is so the article appears in context once it is published onto the client’s blog.


Example Combination:

Post Subject: Please write an article about recruitment.

Blog Description: Vaping Shop in Wisconsin.

Article Content: Something about tips for hiring a manager for a vape shop.

The ‘Order Message’ provides any further instructions the client may wish to pass on to you.



We currently support two international API’s, and therefore languages, from TextBroker, USA or France. If you have different needs, and demand supports it, we’ll be happy to expand this to other languages in the future.


Receiving Content

Your content will get treated exactly the same way in ExecPBN as it would when you or your team writer submits the content.

When your order is ready, we will either add it to your editorial approval queue, where you can manually add media and approve the post to be added to your network, or send it back to Text Broker for a revision.

Please note that if you don’t ask for editorial approval, you will have to utilize your client media library if you wish for content to be posted with a feature image and video. Please make sure this is available for your selected client site before placing your order.

Once you’re ready, the post will be uploaded to your network and start to send that awesome link juice to your clients that only unique, high quality content can provide.


If you have any questions regarding your use of TextBroker on your account, please contact our support team.


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