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The world’s best advanced Private Blog Network, or SEO Blog network, management platform, has now kicked into 5th gear.

We’re now celebrating our ninth year of development and bringing you the most advanced tools for running high performing, powerful SEO networks.

While we’ve continued to push weekly improvements to the system over the past few years, this marks a revolutionary new step, rather than an evolutional one.

Version 5.0 of our cloud version includes features we’ve been beta testing to on our own networks and those of some of the most advanced SEO marketers in the world. The system has been upgraded to take PBN management into 2020 and meet the SEO challenges of the next decade.

Not only that, we’ve completely overhauled the design and UX of the system, to make it even easier to use and manage your network effectively.

The software is now positioned to meet the challenges faced by bleeding-edge SEOs and affiliate marketers head-on in the next few years.

As machine learning and AI advances, it’s going to get harder to win.

However, with ExecPBN in your toolkit, you’ll be able to out think, outmaneuver, and, most importantly, outrank your competitors. Plus, you’ll have the best possible jump on any Google algorithmic changes.

Let’s look at the big changes you can start utilizing on your PBN today.

Complete Face Lift

We’ve completely overhauled the look and feel of the system.

This redesign is an important step, as some of the old tools were launched fast for feedback and testing, and design was often an afterthought. The original template theme was meant to tie us over during the MPV version we launched in late 2015, but somehow stood the test of time as we built the system out.

We didn’t have any style or branding guide, and it showed. There was a lack of consistency and often a thoughtlessness about the UX. It’s something we both needed and wanted to fix.

However, these issues are now a thing of the past.

You’ll now be greeted by a slicker menu, dashboard, tables, filters, and tool-tips.

It’s never been easier to use, navigate, and leverage the full power of the system.

Here are some of the key uplifts:


New and improved, easier to use, and manage your network at a glance.

Content Order System

Our drag and drop tools were perfect for planning out your linking requirements. However, if you were placing a bulk order, or wanted to use a non-desktop device, it could get messy!

We’ve completely overhauled the system, so it’s even quicker and easier to use to get your content task handled.

Upgraded Network & Client Manager Design

We’ve improved the key interfaces regarding your network blog and client profiles. We’ve overhauled the search and filter tools, so it’s even easier to find what you’re looking for.

We’ve included screenshots and a refresh of your client and blog profiles, to make them even easier manage.

New Writer Interface

We’ve created a beautiful new facelift for the interface, plus an installed an updated version of TinyMCE. It’s now the better-looking sister of the classic WordPress editor.

Content Semantic Validation 

This tool is one of the most significant advances we’ve used to take our own network’s ranking power to a different level.

It helps you reverse engineer Google, to make sure the content you create is relevant to the keywords you are targeting while remaining true to your domain’s original authoritative topic.

This process allows you to make your content look natural and relevant when Google finds it while giving your links a special kind of boost.

Now you can validate that you have natural, authoritative content that leverages Google’s own ranking algorithm and language AI to boost your rankings.

It’s a little too special to mention briefly in this round-up, so we have given the tool a full introduction in its own blog post. Read about the theory, process, and watch the tool in action, here.

Copyscape API integration

Another long-overdue feature missing from the content system was the ability to plug in your Copyscape API credentials straight in and have all your new content plagiarism checked.

Now you set a global value of uniqueness, and all content will be checked before publishing. If things aren’t up to a high standard, the content fails to validate, just as if it failed your minimum word count or anchors missing.

The system then asks your writer to rectify it before publishing.

Link Report Upgrade

Our backlink data tools can now rival high-end SEO tools, with better anchor and target URL filters


Outbound Links

We’ve extended your network blog domain profiles, and you can see the raw outbound link data in a new handy tool. You can filter by source target, and quickly find all your outbound links on each of your network domains.

New Host Profiles

Now we have extended the host provider labels to offer a new host overview screen. In there, you can see all your blogs, monitoring, and pattern data for the host in one handy screen.

This tool quickly allows you to monitor the performance of your hosting providers in one single page. Perfect for identifying issues and helping with your hosting infrastructure planning.

Bulk Content Order

Need to produce content on a large scale, but still need ExecPBN’s powerful content task management?

Now you can quickly upload 10’s of articles and link requirements straight into the system, have them auto-assigned to blogs, or pick up the manual section options at the end of the normal order process.

Writer Account Emails

Your writers will now receive daily updates by email. It lets them know how much work they have assigned to them, any outstanding revisions requests, and how much work is available in your article pool.

You’ll never have to chase them up again!

Final Thoughts

ExecPBN remains the best-kept secret behind the world’s most successful SEO & Affiliate professionals SEO networks.

Signup today to make PBN management easy and unlock the full potential of PBN.


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