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Note: This is no longer available. Please join our mailing list for further sale opportunities should we recieve them: http://eepurl.com/bNfr95

88 Domain Network for Sale – $4000

Hi Guys, We have a unique opportunity for someone. We have an ExecPBN client who wants to move on one of their networks they are no longer utilizing.

Full list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pnqFtJq33bOoXc7VSmet4ZL401nbsXe0H5f9GnUqRuI/edit?usp=sharing

Ideally, they’re looking for a buyer who wants to take them all as a lot of domains. If we don’t have a full purchaser for the lot, then we’ll sell off individual domains on his behalf. (If you would like a notification if that happens then join our mailing list: http://eepurl.com/bNfr95)

All sites are WordPress based. The price includes the content, theme and plugins of each site. Most of these sites have between 10 – 15 clean, unique, non-linking articles to match the original site. These were written by an in-house content production teams. 50-60% have relevant images and videos embedded into the posts. Each has unique privacy page and contact form.

These domains have been in their present state for 3 – 6 years and most have had new content added to them at least quarterly. These are well aged and established.

All domains were purchased through Godaddy auction of prices between $150 – $450 (receipts available). 50%+ have been hosted on dedicated IP for their lives.

All have various general topics, great for lifestyle niches. The owner has always linked successfully to a number of different clients from them using blended content tailored to the site’s theme.

Genuine reason for selling. He is downsizing this network as clients have moved on in the past 2 years and he sold some of the successful money sites involved. Remaining links (in most cases) have been removed for at least a month now.

Network size was originally 200 blogs. Some have been sold at auction due the high value of the domain terms. Others have been left to expire if their SEO values were too low.

Each site will be delivered in an individual Zip file, contain the contents of the wp-content folder and the standard WordPress XML export file. Would take about 5 minutes to restore each site.

# Some of the not so great points:

# One host has been down a little while and several of the domains will need to be reindexed.

# 10-15 of the sites haven’t used this consistent quarterly posting method.

# Some of the sites look dated, and may require a little repair or updating if used with a newer version of WordPress.

# Pricing


Each site is priced at an average of $50 for a quick sale. This is a steal considering their stats, content and little transfer overhead involved.

To cover your downside, they are essentially giving 8 of the sites away to cover any potential issues named above.

# Payment & Transfer

# Happy to use an Escrow service to ensure all parties feel happy.

# The owner is super professional, honest, keeps a low profile and doesn’t want any reputation issues regarding someone feeling like they didn’t get value from this deal.

# Happy to give serious buyers some samples and work from there.


Please direct all inquires to: ben at ExecPBN.com

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