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Version 5.0 Of the World’s Most Advanced PBN Management Tool Is Here!

ExecPBN is being offered to the public on a non-agency basis for the 1st time EVER, after 10 years of successful private use!

Running A PBN Can Be Hard Work!

Running PBNs in the conventional way is both time consuming and stressful!

Firstly, staying organized can be exhausting. You must constantly be watching your network’s performance, managing content and links, and potentially a small team too.

Secondly, keeping everything recorded and updated is a constant burden!

Mistakes Cost you BIG!

PBNs are a high risk, high reward strategy

Even the smallest admin error can lead to your network being uncovered, your money site being penalized, or having domains deindexed and suddenly worthless.

Modern PBNs can be super expensive. Losing the wrong domain can cost thousands of dollars, including the setup and content costs.

Making linking mistakes because you don’t have the intel to make right decisions can tank your ranking, sending your revenues to zero in an instant.

All that money invested, your future profits and your own hard work can be flushed down the drain in an instant.

Are you even getting full ROI?

Many PBN owners have the anxiety of not knowing if they’re doing all they can to prevent these issues and maximizing the power of their network to rank even better!

Welcome to Your PBN Dashboard

The system is an easy to use Dashboard containing over 80 tools and processes for managing, monitoring, protecting, and maximizing the power of your Private Blog Network.

ExecPBN 5.0 is entering its 10th year of development, and it’s fully adapted to the ever-changing needs of cutting-edge Affiliate & SEO professionals like yourself!

For the first 9 years we kept its abilities to ourselves and a select band of partners, handpicked, who we knew would help us push the limits of the system and SEO in general.

It’s only now that we’re allowing people outside our circle to join.
  • So, why are we only now deciding to share its massive power and our time-tested secrets with a limited number of people like yourself?
  • This wasn’t a decision we made lightly and has caused some anger in our own team and amongst our current partners.
  • However, we’re investing heavily into the next evolution of SEO AI and SERP Analysis. So, we have decided to leverage a fraction of ExecPBN’s revenue potential to help us hire 3 more top-level developers and 2 full-time data scientists. This is a 7-figure investment over 2020/21 alone.
  • These new tools and insights are likely to find their way into ExecPBN, so it’s vital that you become a part of our high-level community and platform before it’s closed again, potentially forever.
  • We’re strictly limiting entry on these new packages, to ensure the systems and knowledge within the system don’t become widespread and common.

What’s Included

Network Manager For Your Blogs & Money Sites

Stop using messy spreadsheets and automate your management

Instantly upload your ENTIRE network, no matter how big or how small, into our advanced PBN management platform,

View your entire network, its stats, health, and so much more all from our exclusive central Dashboard.
You’ll have a complete record of all your blogs and your “money” sites, including a wide array of stats you can’t find or get in one place anywhere else

  • Domain Authority
  • Google Index Status*
  • Bing Index Status*
  • Uptime Stats*
  • Uptime Monitoring Stats*
  • Malware Status*
  • # No Outbound Links
  • Site Size
  • Days Since Last Post
  • Network Status
  • Hosting Details
  • IP / Name Server*
  • Datacenter Location*
  • Registrar Details*
  • Whois Details*
  • ‘Clients On This Blog’
  • IP Neighbors*
  • Moz Stats
  • IP Patterns*
  • Whois Patterns*
  • Robot Access*
  • Content Overview
  • + More
*Super Affiliate Only
The system sends you daily email updates, letting you keep an eye on 100’s of sites in minimal time.

Link Reporting Tool

Keep your links organized and make better linking decisions
The system automatically crawls your network and indexes all your PBN link details and anchors and automatically processes them into our customized backlink reporting tool.
This allows you to filter through your anchor usage and filter by target URL, allowing you to make the very best future linking decision.

Content Manager & Backups

Manage and store all your network content in ONE PLACE, Finally!!!!

ALL of your content is indexed within the system, allowing you to search through it, and always have a safe, secure backup at your fingertips.

Content Creation, Assignment &
Publishing Manager

Eliminate the headaches of planning, ordering, organizing and publishing fresh new content and links on your blogs!

Use our task manager to plan and organize all your upcoming content needs and pre-determine the URLs and anchors you want from your links.

Never use a spreadsheet or send another email to a writer again, as your content order is placed in ExecPBN’s content queue, where your writer or VA can see the outstanding content tasks and submit the finished content centrally.

The system helps act as your editor, as it checks that your minimum word and linking requirements are included.

Remove the hassle of assigning
content and links to
blogs with our auto
assignment tool.

The system then places the links for you, before centrally publishing the content on your desired date, cutting down on the publishing overhead and control your link velocity.

Content Team Management,
Editorial Control & TextBroker API

Remove the hassle of getting content created and published

Setup writer accounts to assign your team new content tasks. They have their own separate dashboard where they can see their workload and submit their work.

Like control? Have editorial approval over their work for pre-publishing checks and revisions requests.

Outsource any content to Textbroker instantly, manage and publish it centrally within your dashboard.

Niche Edit Tool

Easily make edits to your entire network centrally
Edit any existing CMS based content centrally, meaning you can add, edit or remove links in your powerful aged content.

PBN Monitoring

Keep your network safe, indexed, and private!
Uptime Checker

Catch sites that have issues and manage your maintenance overhead.

Index Checker

Monitor your index status in Google & Bing.

Malware Checker

Check for safe browsing status of your network. Never lose a domain to a hack again!

Robot Checker/Link Privacy

Monitor that you’re keeping SEO tools off site, so they don’t reveal your PBN to rivals.

(Likewise, check that Google & Bing can access and crawl your site and index link correctly.)

Neighbor Check

View the other sites sharing your IPs and make sure you’re not hosting with other PBN owners.

Monitoring Log

All data is logged, allowing you to identify issues and changes.

PBN Footprint & Pattern Detection

Maximize link power, dominate the rankings, stop getting penalized, don’t lose domains and ranking positions.
See 18 pieces of information Google uses to identify related links and tell-tell signs of PBN usage.
ExecPBN allows you to view and identify patterns at both a network level and via the individual link profiles of your money or client sites.
IP & Hosting Patterns: 10 advanced data points google uses to spot PBN links.
Whois & DNS Patterns: 8 critical factors collected and analyzed.

Host Manager & Monitoring

Monitor host performance, patterns and make setup planning easy.

Allows you stay

Filter your domains
by host.

Identify how diverse
your hosting is and
avoid footprints.

What’s New in 5.0?

Key Features
Content Semantic Validation

The most advanced PBN content system just went to the next level.

Reverse engineer Google using IDF*TF tools, to make sure the content you create is relevant to the keywords you are targeting while remaining true to your domain's original authoritative topic.

This process allows you to make your content look natural and relevant when Google finds it while giving your links a special kind of boost.

Now you can validate that you have natural, authoritative content that leverages Google's own ranking algorithm and language AI to boost your rankings.

Copyscape API integration

Make sure submitted content from your writers is unique, and your links always get the maximized value of being in unique content.

Complete Face Lift
  • Stunning new user-friendly design.
  • New Dashboard / Order System / Network Manager / Writer’s Interface.
  • New design and interface make using this super-advanced tool super easy!

100% Plugin & Footprint Free

We’re here to make things easy and protect your network,
Not put it in danger like other solutions
  • No Intrusive slave plugins to Install.
  • Publishes and edits privately via XML-RPC
  • It only uses light touch crawlers and private APIs to deliver intelligence.

Get Setup In 5 Minutes

Just tell us your network details, and how you would like to organize them, and the system does the rest.
  • Automatically creates profiles for all your network blogs
  • Crawls and indexes all your existing PBN links
  • Automatically creates profiles for your money or client sites

Compatible With

Any website &


ExecPBN Pays for Itself

Lowers Risk

  • Help protect your thousands of dollars of investments in domains, content and time.
  • Help lower the risk of penalties to your money sites and lost revenue.

Unlock Your PBN’s full powerk

  • Make better linking decisions and help boost your traffic and revenue.
  • Maximize your return on investment.

Save Admin Costs & Free Up Time

  • Grab back the time it takes to run your PBN.
  • Frees you up to focus on optimizing your sites or new projects and ideas.
Saving just one domains from Deindexing, or help you climb into 1st in just 1 SERP, will easily cover your subscription for the year.


ExecPBN comes in two tracks:

SEO Manager

Access to our network manager and link reporting tools. Great for those with small networks or those who want to keep their PBN links from providers organized.

Super Affiliate

All our powerful tools, great for successful affiliate or SEO agencies that run active networks with significant time and money investments in them.

No over ridged packages, No Contracts!
  • Only pay for what you use! We charge per blog, per hour!
  • Upgrade or downgrade your network size at any time.
  • No contracts cancel anytime.

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Over the past 9 years, we’ve created
over 80 tools to perfect running a PBN.

Meet your powerful new tool set:


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