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The Power of Systems

ExecPBN is collection of cloud based software tools for advanced or growing Private Blog Network owners. We allow executive SEO professionals to manage clients, content creation and posting as well as the automation of the monitoring and protection across their networks.

Empowering Software

We provide a suite of over 80 easy to use tools that free busy Affiliates, SEO Agencies and their teams. It helps cut costs, wastage and gives them the time to grow profits and results like never before.

Leverage Our Experience

ExecPBN is the public offering of a 10-year-old private software development used by a super affiliate to make over $25M in sales and dominate several niches for years.

Road Tested

It’s been iterated at each google algorithm change to make our own network processes more protected and more powerful, navigating every major SEO industry challenge during that time. We’re confident it’ll empower you to take your SEO business to the next level.

ExecPBN is your Perfect Solution

ExecPBN is the world’s first Dashboard & Analytics for Executive level Private Blog Network Owners

Get the tools and freedom to expand your SEO business like never before.

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We help you Produce and Manage High Performance Private Blog Networks that Dominate Rankings.

Network Manager / Link Reporting / Content Management & Posting System / 5 Advanced Monitoring Systems / Pattern Detection & Analysis

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Totally secure, plugin and footprint free, we help you manage risk, not create it

We allow you to centrally manage, monitor and protect your private blog networks.

Full Feature List

Over the past 9 years, we’ve created
over 80 tools to perfect running a PBN.

Meet your powerful new tool set:

What can we offer for you?

Prevent Domain Deindexing

Reduce Google Penalties Risks

  • Prevent losing expensive domains & content
  • Stop losing clients & domains to preventable algorithm penalties
  • Make sure you’re preventing SEO’s snooping around your network on 3rd party SEO tools spider
  • Stop creating patterns that Google’s web spam team can track
Boost Quality

Linking Power

  • Create media rich relevant articles to boost quality score
  • Create native articles that actually pass link value and can pass manual review
  • Monitor network uptime
  • Create natural looking link velocity
  • Monitor linking & anchor patterns
Manage Risk

Make Sure Your PBN Is Protected

  • Get peace of mind from our robot access monitoring
  • We don’t use any plugins or backdoor tricks, nor leave any kind of footprint.
  • Keep a copy of all your content centrally backed-up. Never lose content due to hacks or host negligence. Restore or redeploy from our software.
Stay Ahead of the Game

Elevate Your Business to the Next Level

  • Earn trust from clients by providing independent proof of life of your network links without giving their location away
  • Manage your team and assign work
  • Writers accounts & submission
  • Stay ahead of the game, crowd source any challenges your business faces and mastermind with executive level SEOs like you


How to Operate a Million Dollar Private Blog Network

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